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Model from our Halloween Wedding Inspo

Model from our Halloween Wedding Inspo


What do we do?

Hi! I'm Tori!

I am the Lead Designer, Coordinator and Owner of Passé Design, I have had a passion for anything and everything staging/decorating since I was a young'n. I remember planning out how my bedroom was going to look like and recruiting my friends to help me with rearranging when we had sleepovers. Needless to say; I want to strive to bring that passion to your day. I like to get to know my clients on a personal level so we can make your special moment even more significant to you and those you want to share them with.

Passé Design specializes in intimate events that are big on detail. We love to share inspiration and help our clients feel at ease when planning. Using antiques and hand crafted props is what we are known for- hence "passé". We want to bring an authentic presence to your event.  Our designs strive to represent your special occasion in a genuine and unique way that is extrodinarily memorable for you and your guests.







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